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Why, oh why, can't Plusnet sort out its accounting system?

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Why, oh why, can't Plusnet sort out its accounting system?

Here's a plea from the heart to Plusnet: you've given me an excellent service for the past five years, but why oh why can't you sort out your accounting system? You have screwed up my initial connection and every renewal, so I had to spend hours on the phone contacting your long-suffering and helpful staff who manage to maintain their morale despite this sad situation. As one said to me: “I'd far rather be helping people with tech problems but we've all got to help with billing inquiries”.


This and other forums are full of complaints from people who have been genuinely troubled by your mistakes and mis-billings. People have been forced into overdraft by your overcharges, causing real hardship and distress when they are airily informed 'don't worry, you will get it back in a month or two'.


Last week's Daily Mail carried a lengthy report on one of your customers who was overcharged £40 and threatened with debt collectors. Of course everything is sorted out swiftly when a national newspaper becomes involved and reminds readers that PN has already been fined by Ofcom for accounting misdemeanours. Negative publicity such as this may soon cancel out your advertising campaigns.


I stress again that I'm a happy customer receiving excellent BB and phone service from Plusnet, and my bills do appear using Firefox. But other utility suppliers have no difficulty in furnishing accurate bills even when we switch between them for the best rates – so what's your problem? And why does Plusnet management leave the explanations and excuses to your hapless customer-facing staff? Or is the management bonus-blanket pulled so far over their collective heads that they don't know or care?

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Re: Why, oh why, can't Plusnet sort out its accounting system?

It's the billing system that fails.

Don't hold you breath - its been awful over the last two iterations of billing.

I don't know what their internal accounting systems are like - presumably BT software is used, so that side of things is OK.

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