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Where to start? Increased bill

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Where to start? Increased bill

I've just received notification of imminent payment on my direct debit which shows that my monthly payment will have increased by £5 yet I've received neither prior notification of this change nor explanation BUT on phoning I'm told that there will be a 20 minute delay or if I 'phone through' to "leaving PlusNet" the phone delay is 30 minutes! Very telling?

As per the phone recorded message, I've attempted to get help online but the PlusNet website is not fit for purpose with apparently useful links leading either nowhere (placing one within circular 'get nowhere' pages) or being taken to a 'wrong' page e.g. from the Support Pages section clicking for support on 'my account' takes me to 'e-mail help' ..... unfortunately, clicking support on e-mails doesn't take me to 'my account' support!!!


I've been with PlusNet for a number of years but unless someone there CONTACTS ME ..... I'm leaving.



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Re: Where to start? Increased bill

Why don't you just log into the member centre and look at the detailed breakdown of your bill.

When does your current contract end? Could it have ended and you are now on the standard terms?

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Re: Where to start? Increased bill

As PN don't appear to notify you when contract ends, and expiry date not visible in member centre, it's essential you use your electronic diary or phone/ laptop etc to note info from the e mail that PN sent you when contract commenced eg START DATE & contract duration.
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Re: Where to start? Increased bill

Thanks for your reply although I feel that "why don't you JUST ..." is somewhat patronising since (as I stated) I have been a PlusNet member for some time (since 2012) and I AM familiar with logging in and checking my bill breakdown.

The point is that (according to my bills) I had discount which has now been removed (accounting for the increase) BUT

1) I can find no record of this 'discount' being activated or its duration (so cannot establish why it ended)

2) My account shows as 'contracted' but if I look back on my account, it appears that it SHOULD now be 'un-contracted'  and when this happened previously, I found it easy to contact PlusNet about changes/renewal.

I was hoping that my 'post' might prompt PlusNet to contact me because (as I also outlined within my 'post') it has become increasingly difficult to contact them.

Since I have been with PlusNet it seems that they have got rid of 'live Chat' and it has become increasingly difficult to find reliable/useful 'help' from the website e.g. broken or circular 'links'. A support service with a 20 minute wait on the phone because there is a high 'call level' is unacceptable for a Company that advertises it's customer service especially when its recorded message goes on to advise use of the website AND there is no other alternative. For example many other companies will offer a 'call back' facility or advise when phone lines are usually less busy. Perhaps it's not surprising that there's a longer wait for customers wishing to leave.

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Re: Where to start? Increased bill

You can see how long you have left on your contract but it's not where common sense dictates. 

Pick those tabs...

Member Center > Product change > than pick Change my product in that little window...

next window will tell you what are you on and remaining time.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Where to start? Increased bill

Hi there jg2, 


Sorry to hear about the ongoing contact issues with us. I have looked through your account and left you a bit more a detailed response on


But just to confirm your contract has now finished with us, you are free to call our customer options team to discuss new deals and offers on 0800 013 2632. 


Hope this helps. 

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Re: Where to start? Increased bill

To be pedantic, you are still under contract - the T&Cs still apply. You have now completed the minimum term so early termination charges no longer apply and the introductory discount has ceased.

You are free to choose to seek a new contract with any supplier (including Plusnet) or remain on the contract terms you originally signed up to: X months introductory discount from the standard charge, which would be applicable thereafter.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.