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Where's my refund?!

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Where's my refund?!

OMG from what I've been reading on this community I am never going to receive my refund am I?  I joined up on 15 March and cancelled down on 16 March. Within that 24 hours PlusNet had already taken my money.  They advised I would be refunded in 20 days.  Well it's gone past 20 days and I am still waiting even though I had received an email saying sorry I was leaving and advising I would receive my money in 20 days.  Called up today, oh look my refund was 'never actioned' due to a system error (sounds like a familiar excuse from what I read on the boards).  But now their card facilities are down so they cannot refund me via card only CHEQUE which can take up to a FURTHER 14 DAYS (oh low and behold another familiar answer from the community posts).  I am able to wait until they are up and running but they don't have a time frame for that.  All this time they are sat on my money gaining interest and I'm out of pocket wondering if I ever will receive my refund.  All the excuses seem to be stuff read off a list of excuses for loads of other PlusNet customers.  I am not prepared to wait a further 14 days for a cheque and then have the inconvenience of getting to a bank to pay it in when I don't drive so I shall be taking this matter further if I do not receive an electronic refund within 3 days.    

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Where's my refund?!

Hi @stickypaws I am sorry to hear about your experience with us and to hear about your concern regarding the advised refund method. I have respo9nded further via a support ticket on your account here


Please do not hesitate to get back to me if you have any questions.