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Where is my £75 Cashback Cheque?

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Registered: 14-11-2016

Where is my £75 Cashback Cheque?

Cashback was confirmed to my email on the 29th of September.


Nothing. Still waiting for the cheque through the post.

Have followed this up more than 3 times with support on chat and over the phone and no resolution.

Also, broadband speed is diabolical despite changes to wifi channels etc.


Plusnet needs to start proving they're not a joke BT Subsidary or I'm off.


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Re: Where is my £75 Cashback Cheque?

Small claims court?

Not an easy crowd to deal with at times (tell me about it) but that's because they are a 'piggy in the middle' company.

All views expressed are my own but you can express them too if you want to be right about everything like I am.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Where is my £75 Cashback Cheque?

Welcome to the forums @browntownfm and I am sorry to hear that you haven't received your cash back yet.

I will be happy to look into your account tomorrow morning. In case I can't locate it from your forum username, please can you private message me your account username?



@browntownfm Looking into your account, our Marketing team have asked you to confirm your full address. Please can you respond to this ticket and we'll chase it up.

I've joined the Plusnet Help Team as of May 2017. As such, I have a new forum account. Please direct any queries to @Gandalf. Thanks

 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Support