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When is £9.99/month not £9.99? (actually £15)

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When is £9.99/month not £9.99? (actually £15)

I'm currently on the Unlimited Fibre Extra package (up to 76Mb, and I get about 73 so happy with that!).

I got an email informing me of the £1 increase in line rental, but also (in a big pink banner):

Get the broadband you love for less

£9.99 a month when you take line rental at £16.99 a month (£17.99 a month from 1st September) on an 18 month contract.*

We've noticed that your current deal has ended, so your broadband price is now £14.99 a month. But don't worry – you can get the broadband you love for £9.99 a month when you take monthly line rental at £16.99 a month (£17.99 a month from 1st September) on a new 18 month contract.


So I clicked "sign me up", logically thinking I'd remain on my same package (76Mb) but pay £9.99 a month as advertised (the webpage it takes you to also confirmed that I was moving from my current package to my current package, and that the only change would be the cost.

When I got the confirmation, despite choosing the options on the website for the package remaining the same, I find that Plusnet have demoted me to the up to 38Mb service.

I called customer services, and the adviser couldn't have been more unhelpful.  He also claimed that I was already on the 38Mb service before the change, which was incorrect (or I've been overcharged for years!).

He finally put me through to retentions (or customer options as they like to be called), where [CSA Removed] (although a lot more pleasant), could only offer my current package at:

- £16.50/month for a new 18 month contract
- £15.00/month for a new 24 month contract

So although they advertised that I'd only have to pay £9.99, the best they can do is £15/month and only if I commit to a 2 year contract.

I've just had someone else call me ([CSA Removed]) who stated again that Plusnet were not going to budge.  The only options are:

- £9.99 for up to 38Mb speed
- £15.00 for up to 76Mb speed

They will not honour the price given in the email as "it must have been sent in error, and we're sorry about that".

And he's closed the ticket.


I'm not too bothered about the long contract as I've been a satisfied customer for a long time, but it just hacks me off that if a company promises one thing, they should honour it.  Especially when the error was clearly the fault of Plusnet.


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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: When is £9.99/month not £9.99? (actually £15)

Hi @JonJon this sounds the same as what's happened here.


As per my response on that thread, could you drop me a PM with a link to the offer page you were sent.


I'll have a look in to this for you.

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Re: When is £9.99/month not £9.99? (actually £15)

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