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When i get my refund?

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When i get my refund?

I signed up to Plusnet 2 weeks ago and paid £73.98 at the time, but changed my mind within 24 hours. I rang Plusnet the same day to cancel and I was told I'd receive a full refund. After 10 days of no refund I rang to ask them. It's now the 11th of january and still no refund. I've spoken to them again to be told there's going to be an investigation as to why my refund has not been issued and they don't know when I will get my refund. My Plusnet username is [Removed]

Shocking! So glad I didn't switch over Plusnet. I've spent most of the morning either on hold or being put through to someone ele who can help and still no sign of refund.

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Re: When i get my refund?

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Re: When i get my refund?

PN are not very good and getting people refunded as i have been waiting since Dec 31st for a refund of them.


but they dont mess around when we pay late do they? no they dont.

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Re: When i get my refund?

10 days is nothing. I've been waiting nearly 39 days now since cancelling and no refund received. 



I've had to provide bank statements to prove that I haven't received a refund because they can't find the payment on their system.


Their response times are absolutely appalling as well:


10 working days just to get a response from the billing team

3 - 5 working days to receive the refund

14 days if the refund has to be processed by cheque


This is all on top of the time you have already waited. 


I am also constantly being told that people aren't in the office or the team are "all offline as they leave the office at 17.30" despite me communicating with them well within normal working hours.