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When do renewals take effect.

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When do renewals take effect.

I have received an e-mail about the Dec 2019 price increases. It includes an offer to have unlimited fibre for £26.99 per month for 18mths including line rental. My current broadband deal ends on 4 Dec 2019. If I take up this offer will it start at that date, or the date I apply? I already have Line Rental Saver so would the system recognise this and apply a reduced monthly figure, if so what would it be please?

The e-mail also mentions renewing LRS before 3 December at the current price. The current one expires 16 January 2020. Would the renewal start on that date or the date I apply?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: When do renewals take effect.

Hi @diw 


Your Line Rental Saver is a 12 month contract which is nonrefundable after the first 14days. 


The best thing I can suggest in all honesty, would be to get in contact with our Customer Options team regarding this as they are the department who can provide all relevant information about your account, renewals, contracts and pricing. 

Telephone number: 0800 013 2632 or 0330 123 9197 (Both free from a Plusnet Landline)

Opening Times:
08:00 - 20:00 Monday to Friday
09:00 - 19:00 Saturday
09:00 - 18:00 Sundays


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Re: When do renewals take effect.


The last two times I have taken up an offer of a new contract Plusnet have arranged for it to start on my next billing date (or as near that as possible). This avoids billing for part of the month on the old rate and part on the new rate. But I do not think that is inviolable.

If the quoted rate is £26.99 inc. line rental then I would expect the rate you would pay if you have extant LRS is £8.00 (i.e £26.99 less £18.99 , the current line rental charge).

You can apply to renew LRS up to three months before it expires (at least that used to be the rule), and if you renewed within that time it would take effect on the expiry of your existing LRS.

One point to bear in mind is that Plusnet's systems can only cope with one order on your account at a time, therefore, if you take up the new contract, you will not be able to renew LRS until that contract change completes. Therefore to get LRS at the current price and take up a new contract, you need to ensure that the new contract completes so that you can renew LRS before 3 December. You need to discuss this with the COT when you renew the contract.