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Whats the delay with acitivatring my account?

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Whats the delay with acitivatring my account?

First of all sorry if this in the wrong forums not sure where to post it.
I signed up to plus net about  a fortnight/three weeks  ago and was told my broadband would be activated on the 29th of July 2010 after 12 pm. Come 12pm my account had not been activated but I thought I would give it a few hours before complaining, Come 12 am my account had still not been activated. I checked my emails nothing from plus net reporting on any delay and checked with my bank that the first payment had been made which it has on the 22nd of July. But as of this morning my internet has still not been connected and no word from plus net on the delay. So I would just like to know what is responsible for this lack of communication?
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Re: Whats the delay with acitivatring my account?

Sorry about the delay, our suppliers have put this order back due to issues with planning - there might be a capacity issue in the exchange. I've passed a ticket through to our Provisioning Team to monitor this and keep you updated.
You haven't received any emails because you opted out of notifications, you can opt in through the Member Centre from 'Email settings' > 'Email Communications Preference'