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What does "Due a Credit" mean?

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What does "Due a Credit" mean?

Hi Guys:


So, I've had a number of problems with Plusnet billing lately and as a result have recived a few emails telling me that I'm 'Due a Credit' by way of apology.

Now I was informed by one of the Customer Service team that this was a refund and would be automatically issued to my bank card. I have since been told that it's a credit and not a refund and the exact same amount has recently been deducted from my account for this months bill. So what are they for and how do they benefit me?

Apologies if this is a really obvious question, but I'm struggling to find the information by myself and have been told several different things by the Customer Support team at Plusnet.


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Re: What does "Due a Credit" mean?

If Plusnet owe you a refund and you have a future bill, they can treat as a "negative amount owed by you" - in which case it is called a credit - even though its really a refund.

So provided the billing left you in the same position as an actual refund, followed by a normal sized bill, you should be OK.

Basically, a credit is the same as a refund, except it's usually delayed by several weeks.

Sounds like the numbers worked out?

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Re: What does "Due a Credit" mean?

Sorry for the issues you've had, and the confusion this has caused.

A credit is a refund, but taken off a future invoice instead of being deposited into your bank account.

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Re: What does "Due a Credit" mean?

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