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Want to change broadband package but cannot

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Want to change broadband package but cannot

I would like to know if I can save money by changing my broadband package. However:

  • The chat is so busy I can't get on.
  • I can find the list of open questions but there is no way to add one,
  • If I go to change product on the web site there are no options to change to,
  • I tried calling last night but gave up as the estimated wait time was 45 minutes. Tonight the estimated wait was 15 minutes and I got through after 32 minutes only to be immediately cut off.

I originally signed up to a up to 80Mbps service and I had a line speed of 48Mbps. I am now lucky to get 35Mbps and since the upload speed for the lower speed package has been increased to 10Mbps I thought I would be able to change to the lower speed package and save some money.

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Re: Want to change broadband package but cannot

Your best bet is to call the Customer Options Team on 0800 013 2632 and using the thinking of leaving option.  If your eligible to change product they will be able to give you the best deal on it.

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Re: Want to change broadband package but cannot

That does sound odd @TCB123 apologies for any inconvenience that's been causing you.


I've dropped an email over to our Customer Options Team and requested someone give you a call to discuss this as you should be able to save some money on the lower fibre package (Especially if you're interested in a new contract as part of the package change)


I hope this helps.

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