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Utterly Incompetent House Moving service

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Registered: ‎03-02-2012

Utterly Incompetent House Moving service

To relay the experience we have had so far with our "House Move". The account had been on PlusNet at the previous address since mid 2000s.  The main user is 80 year old.
Arranged a "House Move" on 20/July/2015, for engineer to call on 31/July/2015.
29/July/2015 : Moved house
31/July/2015 : Stayed in all day. No engineer turned up. No notification either.
01/Aug/2015 : Contacted PlusNet about this. Turned out that BT engineer was too busy with other appointment and too lazy to bother contacting customer. Rearranged again for 04/Aug/2015.
04/Aug/2015 : BT engineer turned up. Phone enabled. Internet enabled.
05/Aug/2015 : internet stopped working. (Plusnet-supplied) router had all lights on except for "Internet".
05/Aug/2015 : PlusNet contacted about this. Went through long faff, check this check that (not something that somebody wants to do when 80). PlusNet concluded it was the router and a new one will be sent.
08/Aug/2015 : Asked PlusNet to confirm that the router was sent and to confirm it would be sent to the new address. They said it was sent, and to the new address.
10/Aug/2015 : No router, asked PlusNet again. "Yes it was sent on 06/Aug/2015".
11/Aug/2015 : No router, asked PlusNet again. "It was sent out 3 days, 6 hours, xx mins ago" (WTF)
12/Aug/2015 : No router. Rang PlusNet again. PlusNet staff checks records ... it was never ordered or sent, no record. Some other PlusNet person rings back, checks 2 things. "Are you going to pay £50 for an engineer to come out?" we asked him why we should have to when we wanted a simple house move and his company had allegedly sent a new router. "Yes, you need a new router, I'll order a new one". Asked him whether it would be sent to the new address ... "Yes, noted".
15/Aug/2015 : No router.
17/Aug/2015 : PlusNet called. No router. "Oh it was sent to the old address". Another new router ordered.
17/Aug/2015 : New router arrived through post after owner of other property redirected it ... so would have arrived at that address on 14th!!
17/Aug/2015 : Router plugged in as per instructions. Broadband light flashing and won't stop flashing. So PlusNet diagnosis of needing new router seems utterly insufficient
17/Aug/2015 : Went through PlusNet webpage Troubleshooting again. Both routers, same thing. Both ADSL filters same thing. Submitted as (still a) problem.

Still no internet.

Dear PlusNet,
We have been without internet for > 3 weeks now due to your incompetence. Which part of the above process do you consider to be remotely competent? or satisfactory?
What are you going to do about it ? All we hear are "i'm very sorry, we'll send a new router".
Is it some desperate attempt to get rid of customers ? We do have 2 further PlusNet accounts in the family, so its a good opportunity to rid yourself of 3 long term accounts.

Posted here so that other people who are unaware of this companies capabilities is made more aware of what can happen with them.
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎03-02-2012

Re: Utterly Incompetent House Moving service

To continue that list of events
18/Aug/2015 : Contacted PlusNet yet again to find the results of the "tests". They then arranged for engineer to come out on 19th,
19/Aug/2015 : BT engineer appeared, and found no internet on the line into the house. Went off to exchange and came back later. The line had been configured for FIBRE at the exchange ... despite the fact that the customer had NEVER asked for FIBRE. Can anyone do a thing right? 
19/Aug/2015 BT engineer changed it back to ADSL. Internet works.

So now it is down to PlusNet to actually contact the customer, apologise, and seek to remedy this by way of discount off the price of this hard to arrange internet service; without that the customer opinion of PlusNet will remain at the depths it currently inhabits.