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Upgrade package

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Upgrade package

My current useage is about 7- 8 Gb per month hence I am on the Essentials package
If I take out a new 24 month contract on this package, then later on exceed 10Gb can I upgrade to Unlimited within the same contract period
This would be to avoid the £5 per Gb penalty charge
or will I get a penalty charge each month until the end of the contract
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Re: Upgrade package

Hello Bures,
You can change product any time, without it affecting your contract as long as it's within the same product family, i.e. Essentials -> Unlimited, Unlimited -> Essentials, The contract may be effected if you switch from ADSL to Fibre , for example.
For the cost difference, you might as well go to the Unlimited package, then you'll never run the risk of having to pay extras.