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Upgrade mayhem / unable to renew LRS

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Upgrade mayhem / unable to renew LRS

I recently upgraded to 24 months Unlimited Fibre Extra before my current A-DSL contract ends on Wednesday 3 June, but I am now finding myself unable to renew my line rental saver as the website is locked during the product change.

My initial upgrade attempt through the website did not work properly (It led to a "ghost" 18-month contract entry dated 01/01/1970 in my account summary). After I enquired, this was passed on to COT. When I raised the issue of LRS renewal with the COT team member who was going to fix my upgrade over the phone, he assured me that I would be able to renew in time and convinced me to take out a 24 month contract to make sure line rental and broadband would be in sync. However, he must have forgotten that purchasing the LRS would not be possible once an upgrade is in process.

After reading around in the forum, I now know that this is a known issue.
What is the current accepted solution? I talked to someone on the phone today who then wrote me this:

We may perhaps be able to refund you one months line rental and re-apply it for 11 months if you were to purchase this on Wednesday.

which sounds like one of the solutions @Gandalf had come up with for other users who had this problem in the past but "may perhaps" does not sound very reassuring - if someone could give some definitive advice, I would be grateful.
I am also wary of that ghost entry in my account summary, which is not the 24-month contract I am about to embark on, and which I fear may lead to the LRS not being available to purchase even if after my upgrade goes through on Wednesday.

I was quoted £197.88 for the option of LRS when I received my upgrade offer - will this price still be honoured if I get the LRS after my current A-DSL contract ends? I really worried to be left out of pocket because of this mess.

To avoid any problems, I would be happy for someone to temporarily suspend the upgrade tomorrow so that I can try to quickly buy the LRS, and have it reinstated right away afterwards. Could this be the easiest solution?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Upgrade mayhem / unable to renew LRS


Hi there @doctoron, 

Thanks for reaching out to us here. 

I'm sorry your account has fallen into somewhat an issue with the billing and LRS.


From checking over the account your orders are due to go live anytime up to midnight 03/06/20, once these orders have completed we'll be able to take a payment for LRS from you. I know this may cause an additional payment of line rental, as such we're more than happy to arrange a refund should that occur. With regards to your contract length issue, I can see one of my colleagues discussed adding a further 6 months discounts on for you once the orders are completed, feel free to give us a nudge here if you have any trouble getting in touch with our COT team.