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Upgrade has not happened since October 2019

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Upgrade has not happened since October 2019

Hello I agreed to an upgrade at the end of my last contract in October 2019 to Unlimited fibre extra and uk & Mobile calls. I recieved an email the next day saying the order was complete. However I recieved the next bill that still showed the old contract, and checked the speeds and router settings and the fibre extra had not been applied. I have had various calls and chats and eventually fibre extra was installed on 16th Jan 2020. However my bills are still showing my old contract which is higher than agreed in october, and yesterday recieved an email saying my bills are going up based on my old contract. I have one raised ticket that keeps being put on hold for over a week at a time saying they will give more infor, but it just keeps being put on hold

Chat is hardly ever working and the queues on thephone are 20+mins

I just want this sorting without having to waste even more time on phone / chat to get the refunds for the overcharge

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Upgrade has not happened since October 2019


Hi @nevetsecirp


Thanks for highlighting this.


Having taken a look at your account, I can see that my colleague Lee has picked this up for you and is resolving this for you via a ticket here.


Best wishes