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Unfair termination fees

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Unfair termination fees

I received an email reminding me that my contract finishes on April 2nd. I contacted Plusnet twice to see how we could cointinue and they were streadfast in not helping me so I am going elsewhere and my leaving date has been confirmed as 3rd April but I am being charged terminatiion fees and my account shows I am being billed on 3rd April.

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Re: Unfair termination fees

I would suggest they are continuing to bill you, just in case something happens and your move doesn't happen, it has been known. If you migrate out successfully you will be refunded your monthly charge, if your migration fails for some reason, at least you will continue to have a service.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Unfair termination fees

Hi @wm9900,


I'm very sorry for any concern that this has caused you and for the delay in getting back to you on here.


I can confirm that @Marksfish is correct, we keep your account open until the new provider have taken over the line to ensure that you are not left without service if anything was to happen with your order. Having checked the order, everything looks to be going through correctly to move to your new provider on the 3rd of April and so you shouldn't receive another bill from us.


I'm sorry that you were told that there would be an early termination fee. Having checked your account, I can confirm that you're leaving after your contract end date and so no early termination fees will apply.

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