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Unfair cancellation charges

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Unfair cancellation charges

I've recently moved house and have been a happy Plusnet customer for a long time. Sadly, where we have moved to does not offer a sustainable broadband infrastructure (speeds no more than 1 or 2 Mbs). I would have happily stayed with Plusnet but had to cancel as the speeds just would not support working from home (in the telco industry no-less!).

I was thus very upset to receive the final bill with a £220 early termination penalty applied.

I think this is grossly unfair as Plusnet (or indeed any other fixed line provider) could not honour the minimum speeds that I had originally signed up for.  I am now using an unlimited data sim in a mobile router (with no fixed land line) and manage to get 40-60 Mbs, pretty much what I was getting before.

Can someone from Plusnet please comment as I feel this is a serious breach of trust. Thank you.



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Re: Unfair cancellation charges

I'm not from Plusnet but as a Telco worker you should know it does not work that way.

You may well have signed up for a greater speed at your previous address but that has no relation whatsoever to your new one, just like mobile signal strength varies from location to location.

If this were the case then we could all sue our providers for breach of contract because someone in London has a greater speed.


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Re: Unfair cancellation charges


Come on!

It was your choice to break the contract and move. Your contract is related to the supply of a service to a particular property. The fact that you do not want to continue the service due to it being slower in your new property is your choice.

Where on earth do you see a breach of trust?

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Re: Unfair cancellation charges

@JA1 - Thanks a lot for reaching out. As my response contains specific information regarding the account, I've sent you an email regarding the fees which you have discussed above.


Thanks, Adam.

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Re: Unfair cancellation charges

Hi Adam,

Thank you, though I've not received the promised email yet.