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Unexpectedly high bill

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Registered: ‎19-08-2020

Unexpectedly high bill

I recently switched to the "Unlimited Fibre Extra (includes Line Rental)" package (from a 'standard' FTTC package), and was expecting my bills to drop. However they've gone the other way. It appears that I'm getting charged separately for line rental.

If I select the change your product page, it seems to imply that I'm out of contract stating (screenshot also attached):

Your current package

Unlimited Fibre Extra (includes Line Rental)

Out of contract price £40.98  per month

(Which is what I'm being billed). I thought I'd switched to a fixed term contract to lock in the lower "includes line rental" price of £26.99, but this appears not to be the case.

So, am I being billed incorrectly? Or is the web page correct in that I'm out of contract so being charged more even though I've just switched?