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Unable to view bills

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Registered: ‎22-08-2020

Unable to view bills

I have been unable to view my bills for some time now.

The billing tab just brings up a red X and the message "Sorry, we are not able to complete this request at the moment, please try again later."

I have tried with various PCs, android, iphone and Mac, various browsers and from various locations. It is not an issue on my end.

I raised a ticket/question over a week ago with no response.

After calling at least twice every day for 7 days, I finally managed to speak to someone yesterday who said they were emailing the bills I needed to me as we spoke. No such email has arrived.

It is a business account and I need the actual invoices as a matter of urgency but I am now at my wits end with plusnet.


I am posting here as it seems other people may have got their invoices sent this way.

If there is someone who will please help, I would like the invoices issued in May, June and July.