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Unable to pay outstanding debt

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Unable to pay outstanding debt

Hello, my credit score is being affected by an outstanding debt of £37. I've called customer services who told me that it has been passed to a collection agency but they gave me no info and there's nothing on my credit report but Plusnet's details.

So I am well and truly stuck and would really appreciate some guidance on how to proceed.
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎10-09-2021

Plusnet ruining my life for £37

Please GOD just tell me how to pay this off or what debt agency it has been passed to.

I take full responsibility for not paying my final bill back in 2018. But the debt was given to an unnamed agency and - probably because I moved and didn't receive any letters - I was not notified.

Sometime the next year I checked my credit report and noticed that it was being ruined by this £37 thing - which still appears as Plusnet, not the name of whatever debt agency - but was unable to sort it out as my account with Plusnet was gone and they couldn't tell me who they gave the debt to.

Now, another 2 years down the line and my credit report has become a matter of life and death as I can't find a place to rent without improving it.

So I'm begging you, please help me fix this before I have to start filing official complaints or whatever.

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Re: Plusnet ruining my life for £37


Why wait?
If that’s not responded to you have started the time clock to when you can take it to arbitration.

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Re: Unable to pay outstanding debt

Hi @Scotch

I'm sorry to see you're having issues paying an outstanding debt to clear your credit report.

If you can drop me a private message with the following details, I should be able to find out who it's with. 

+Your mobile number
+Your full name
+Your full address
+Are you the account holder?
+Your date of birth
+Last 2 digits of your bank account number
+Last 2 digits of your bank sort code

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Re: Unable to pay outstanding debt

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