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Un satisfied with plus net and top up.

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Un satisfied with plus net and top up.

Ok so ive entered another 12 month contract, another provider im not happy with. Why, top up on phone system and charges to account for stopping service.
No one told me about the top up [-Censored-], and that it doesn't go towards the bill or your account. So thinking i only owe something like £30, plus net want £94 off me. Wtf😱. Why cant the top up go towards your bill instead of paying the full whack all in one go. I dont have a lot of money as it is, and paying it all in one go i cant do. I was told stopping the dd now it would still go out. No ive stopped it. Nothing can be taken.
Really peeved off about still having to pay the full whack when ive already paid 70 towards it. Cant wait to leave.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Un satisfied with plus net and top up.

There seems to have been some confusion around the top up.


If you top-up during the billing period, this would go towards the call charges for that month. So if a top-up had been made during the billing period 07/04/16 to 06/05/16, this would have gone towards the call charges during that time.


Looking at your account, it appears a bill was generated on 07/05/16 for £94.10 as you have mentioned, however the top-up payment you made towards call charges wasn't made until 19/05/16, after the invoice for £94.10 was generated which is why it has had no affect on the already outstanding amount.


The £75 home phone top-up payment you have made means that you have already paid for up to £75 worth of calls made during this billing period which runs from 07/05/16 to 06/06/16.

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 Harry Beesley
 Plusnet Help Team