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Two accounts' Referrals

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Two accounts' Referrals

Hi @Anoush I've been having issues getting my referrals transferred also. I have 2 accounts one with an active broadband and line rental. I called up and was getting no where, no body seemed to have a clue about the email i'd been sent. I have been dealing with a [CSA Removed], who albeit very pleasant, called me last night to say that he'd been told be other account was closed and it was not possible. I corrected him and told him to respond to them pointing out this forum and what was said in the email. I'm a little bit worried that this will land on deaf ears. Is it possible you could look into this for me? I'm worried we're approaching the 10th of may and nothing has been done.

Many Thanks,


P.S. should i private message my usernames?

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Re: Two accounts' Referrals

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Two accounts' Referrals

Hi there Ben. First of all welcome to the community forums.


I am sorry to see of how this situation has been handled on your account. I've moved your referrals now as requested, except 1 of them because an account can't refer itself. Wink


Let me know if you have any further questions.

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