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Two Billing increases in one month

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Re: Two Billing increases in one month

These persistent additional price increases are not in accordance with the internal PlusNet process. The PlusNet Complaints Director is encouraged to investigate why PlusNet billing is not following the internal PlusNet process. Arbitrarily Imposing very large monthly price increases is not competitive. 

To reiterate: The BT Broadband Availability checker is used and it says Downstream Down rate is 44 Mbps. The broadband performance of my line has been checked by BT. There is nothing to justify paying for visit of a broadband engineer. There is no visible damage to the incoming overhead line into my property. 

To reiterate: BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test results show that Dynamic Line Management (DLM) keeps reducing my download IP Profile, to less than the PlusNet Minimum Guaranteed download Speed. 

PlusNet Question #214191008, Fault ID 426896 has determined that my DLM connection profile favours Speed. This in turn can cause errors which means that the DLM will then come into action and slow the line speed down to counteract these errors. DLM connection profile has been changed to superstable. Further testing is underway. 

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Two Billing increases in one month

Hi @Crimson,

As we've previously advised, your complaints case manager will be in touch to discuss this matter with you further.

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 Alex H
 Plusnet Help Team