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Trying to add Phone to Broadband Package

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Trying to add Phone to Broadband Package


I'm currently with Plusnet (Standard ADSL) as a Broadband Only Customer (Fixed price - Unlimited Contracted without Phone 23 months) which expires on the 5th February.

My phone line is still with BT (out of contract) and I am trying to port it to Plusnet but keep going around in circles.

If I login to the members centre and visit "Manage account / Account Summary" then there is a banner on the right side that say "HERE TO SAVE MONEY - Add phone to your package and pay just £18.99 a month" together with a "GET IT NOW" button.

Exactly what I was looking for and it also seems to be the same as the current offer shown at

Hover, when I click on the "GET IT NOW" button I just get to a "Oops, somethings seems to have gone wrong" page followed by a message containing: "Oops, that offer isn't available. Please call us on 0800 432 0080 to find out the latest deal we can give you."

If I click on the "Offers and Upgrades" page then all I can find is (ADSL) Unlimited Contracted + Phone Line (Which is what I was looking for) but here it is listed as £31.44 (which is more than the £18.99 previously mentioned).

Do I need to wait for my current contract to expire (i.e. in 2.5 weeks) before adding the phone?

If the £31.44 price is correct for ADSL + Line Rental then frankly I'd be better off looking for a different package (The Fibre is Cheaper).

What is the best way of proceeding?

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Re: Trying to add Phone to Broadband Package

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Re: Trying to add Phone to Broadband Package

It’s probably worth calling the customer options team on 0800 013 2632 when they’re back open tomorrow