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Trouble paying my bill

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Trouble paying my bill

My mother died in February so I closed her plusnet account and paid what was owned. Now without any warning I am told  there is still £3.64  owed and if I don't pay it immediately they will pass it onto debt collectors.  I am happy to pay what is owing but have no idea how. I am not going to waste my time on the phone and I can't find an email address or support form. 

I am only writing this in the hope that someone from PLusnet reads it and gets their company to sort out their act. 

Don't threaten the greaving relatives of dead people with debt collectors until you have told them what they owe and then offered them a convenient way of paying. For heaven's sake, provide us with a support email address we can send our concerns in a way that suits us, not you.

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Re: Trouble paying my bill

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Re: Trouble paying my bill

Good morning @delboy007007


Thanks a lot for reaching out and I'm extremely sorry for your loss. I'd also like to apologise for the email you've received regarding the bill. Please can you send me a PM with the account username and I'll be more than happy to check this out right away.

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds