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Trapped by contract

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Trapped by contract

i have a 2 year deal which included an upfront line rental payment

I now find that halfway through my contract PN have changed my deal yet will hold me to a cancellation fee

my monthly payments have increased dramatically and iim unable to afford this

it seems that there is no negotiation over this yet I'm only a few days out of the first year of my contract, surely this is not right - changing a deal part way through a contract

feeling trapped and worried that I cant pay

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Re: Trapped by contract

@katykitten1 Without giving any personal details away - how have PN changed your contract to such a degree? Note that the LRS only covers one year, and was withdrawn sometime last year.

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Re: Trapped by contract

Hi Katy, I'm away from home so this is from memory, but Plusnet ended line rental in advance earlier this year. Your payment covered only the first year, not two. You will have paid your first year in advance (about £220 from memory) but in the second year of your contract you will pay about £22 monthly as well as your Broadband charge. These charges also go up annually by about 5% as will have been stated in your contract.

Someone on staff will probably explain it better but I don't think PN is trying to swindle you!

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Re: Trapped by contract

Thanks for your post @katykitten1 and welcome to our Community Forums.

To confirm the above comments, we haven't changed the terms of your contract. If you've agreed to a 24 month contract, this would be for both broadband and line rental. We did in the past though offer line rental saver which meant you could pay your line rental upfront for 12 months to save a bit of money (around £30).

Now the 12 months has run its course and we no longer offer line rental saver you'd have to pay the monthly cost of line rental, however even if we did offer line rental saver, you'd still have to pay line rental but could do as a bulk amount again.

If you have trouble with paying your bills, we'll be happy to support you through a payment plan (splitting a bill across further months) or offer a grace period to delay a failed payment. Though we can only offer these once every 6 months.

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