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Transferring Broadband, line and number to new resident.

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Transferring Broadband, line and number to new resident.

Is it possible for a new resident to arrange Broadband and landline, keeping same number, without a gap in service?

If so how is it arranged?

ie: I end my contract and the next resident starts a new contract.


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Re: Transferring Broadband, line and number to new resident.


Thanks for getting in touch @RoosterUK 

It’s possible for the new tenants to takeover your line, but not telephone number if they’re wanting to remain with Plusnet I’m afraid. 

If they’re happy with a new number they’d just have to sign up a new account making sure they don’t advise us of the current landline number in the ‘availability checker’ at the beginning. 

We’ll then place an order with our suppliers to take over the line changing it into their name. Once the order completes, we’ll close your account and generate your final bill within 21 days with any cancellation fees and/or pro-rata refunds for any service you’ve paid you’ve not had. 

This is just like a transfer between two providers apart from the fact we can’t transfer a landline number from one Plusnet account to another Plusnet account in a different name. 

I hope this helps. 

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