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Transfer from Madasafish Max Plus to Plusnet Unlimited -What is the problem!!!!!

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Transfer from Madasafish Max Plus to Plusnet Unlimited -What is the problem!!!!!

On the 28th Feb I set up a broadband account for Plusnet unlimited broadband having been a loyal customer of the sister company Madasafish for well over a decade with no problems and great customer service. However, Madasafish do not have any unlimited broadband packages and I was regularly going over my usage allowance through streaming movies from various providers. I also wanted to keep my Madasafish e-mail address which I was told would not be a problem. I was told I did not need a MAC key because it was simply a brand migration and so I should ignore the text requests for one. Despite that, the text requests for a MAC key keep coming. there is even an internal e-mail from one of the CRC people on one of my questions asking for the matter to be resolved asap as there should not be a problem. There has been no update on the question raised either from my comments or from the CRC member and no progress with the transfer over to Plusnet. In frustration I raised a ticket with Madasafish to provide me with a MAC key to provide to Plusnet even though they are the same company working from the same offices. You guessed it, I have not had a response from Madasafish either. I do not understand how it can take nearly 2 weeks to make no progress whatsoever with a simple request to transfer from one product to another within what is effectively the same company. I have tried contacting Customer services directly by phone but can never get an answer even after waiting for 30mins. I even waited to after midnight when the stats showed there was 0.57 calls in progress with a wait time of 1 second. you guessed it I was met by the standard answer phone message saying that owing to an extremely heavy demand, the waiting time was approximately 15 minutes. Needless to say although the stats then showed 1.57 calls outstanding, I was still waiting 15 minutes later . The whole experience has been an absolute farce to the point that I am now so disillusioned with both Plusnet and Madasafish that I am considering leaving them both and joining Sky or Talk Talk. Forgot to mention that PlusNet has already taken my setup fee and 1st months broad band access but I have had no service from them whatsoever. Customer service! what a joke! Wonder how long they will ignore this post as well as all of the other requests for communication which I have sent them. Absolutely pathetic  Angry
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Transfer from Madasafish Max Plus to Plusnet Unlimited -What is the problem!!!!!

Hi andy8488,
I'm really sorry to hear of the delay in your services migrating to Plusnet.
I've had a look into this for you and have arranged for the activation of the Plusnet account. You may need to re-log back into your router using the relevant details to get you connected with Plusnet.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.