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Total billing shamble following failed fibre order

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Total billing shamble following failed fibre order

And also got BT sport wrong
I was on the phone for half hour on Monday and I raised the issue that I had received no update on the second failed fibre order and asked if I was going to be billed the new amount as the order shows complete whilst it is not
I was reassured the bill was going to be correct and guess what not only it is not correct but even the BT sport part is incorrect and my discount has vanished
I have now spent 3 hours since the first order for fibre and I am only getting grief
Now on queue with half hour wait
Can plusnet at least allow a ticket to be created without having to call in? The chat is frequently offline and I have other things to do than call plusnet customer services for a service am not getting but am paying for apparently!!!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Total billing shamble following failed fibre order


Apologies for how this was handled on your account. I've arranged to send you a refund once the invoice clears and moving forward I think I've fixed the discounts on your account now.


With regards to the fibre order, I've chased this up and provided an update here.


I hope this helps.

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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team