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Topcashback -wrong amount tracked

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Registered: ‎25-05-2013

Topcashback -wrong amount tracked

Signed up for Plusnet unlimited fibre  bradband and home phone.
Expected £100 tracked only £38.I can see that others members has simmilar problem/see retailer reviews on Topcashback website/
Please let me know if my cashback will be adjusted.
I cant wait 7 more days/Topcashback require this timeto wait/ as I will cancel my order with you if cashback will not beadjusted to £100.I also write about my experience on merchant review page.Pleaselet me know as soon as you can.
I know my service is not activated yet , but I need to know how I how much cashback will I get.
Have following details in confirmation email from you
Direct debit identification 948389
Reference number PNET2180180-1

Thank you
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Topcashback -wrong amount tracked

Hi Waldek,
We can confirm the rates that were in place when you signed up on the 24th, but I'm afraid we'll need to get a query from TCB in order to arrange the full amount for you - if you could do that when the 7 days are up we'll pick that up for you and make sure everything is going through at the full rate.
Hope that helps.