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Topcashback declined

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Topcashback declined



I recently signed up to a contract for £108, expecting £31 cashback.  I would not have signed up for this contract if not for the cashback. 


I use topcashback all the time, and have never had a claim denied.  I did nothing differently for this transaction, and I have seen lots of other posts from people having the same problem at the same time as me.  Below is the response I was given by Topcashback - it was an issue at PlusNet's end.  Please could you help?




"Hi there,

I’m writing to you to say that we have recently received a resolution for your claim from the retailer’s network agency.

Unfortunately, it seems as though they have taken the decision to decline your claim as we have not been identified as the last channel to your sale.

When a transaction is made through our site, we need to be identified as the point of origin and the last click of this sale, this means that we can be seen as the “correct channel” and will be awarded commission for directing you to the retailer’s site, we would then pass over 100% of the commission as cashback.

When we have not been identified as the last click, we are not awarded any commission to be able to pass over to you as cashback.

This can be down to any number of contributing factors, such as pre-saved baskets, not clearing cookies & cache, browser history, voucher codes, amongst many other things. There is a little more detail that you can find on the following link:

I can only apologise about this, I can completely understand how disappointing it is to have your claim declined. Regrettably, as this decision is a solid declined resolution from the retailer’s network agency, we will be unable to dispute this any further and must consider this the final resolution.

I’m sorry we couldn’t get a better outcome for your claim, I sincerely hope your future transactions run much more smoothly.

Many thanks,

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Re: Topcashback declined

Thanks for your post @Ali1618 I'm sorry to see your cashback has been declined. Can you PM me your account username? I've tried to find your account but searching the details you've used to create your forum profile isn't bringing anything up apart from your IP address but that's showing an account not in your name.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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