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Ticket #201280934

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Ticket #201280934

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this but seeing as I'm having no luck on the phone, chat or social media I'll have a go....Last Thursday I called in to query my line rental saver having had an email a day earlier telling advising it was due to expire.


Firstly, I've never had a reminder so late. IIRC on previous occasions, there was an advisory at least a month in advance.

Second, the link within the email directing me to where I could renew the LRS doesn't work.

Third, upon calling in to discuss your advisor didn't really get where I was coming from. I'm not sure why he found it so hard to grasp.

Fourth, I was advised I'd get a call back to discuss my account. To date, I've heard nothing.

In the meantime, a new bill has been generated including a monthly line rental charge. I'm not entirely happy with this as due to the late expiry notice I never had a chance to renew at a reduced rate.

Having checked out the current products on offer I see that the current equivalent of my service now includes line rental, something I'd like to see reflected on my account should I choose to stay with Plusnet.


I appreciate these are strange times but any chance of getting some sort of response in the not too distant future? 




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Re: Ticket #201280934

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Re: Ticket #201280934

Still nothing, I'm at a loss now. I've called, opened a ticket, made contact via Twitter DM's and heard nothing.


As I said above I know these times are unusual but I've not even had a hint of response and as such you're about to lose a customer.

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Re: Ticket #201280934

Dear Mr. Atkins,


Thank you for  your message and our time on the phone. 


In the interests of data protection, I have replied via private message.


Best Wishes,

- Ken



 Ken Bryant
 Plusnet Help Team