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Three months free - does it ever happen?

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Registered: ‎16-11-2010

Three months free - does it ever happen?

I signed up (2nd Nov 2010) on a promise of three months free broadband and an increase in speed.
After a lot of discussion the speed was increased from and initial 0.4 megs to over 1 meg and sometimes up to 1.9  great!  Very satisfactory.
However, PlusNet  welched on the free offer. They took the first payment before the system was working and have continued since.
I know it is not a big expense but being scammed even for a small amount leaves a very unpleasant taste!
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Re: Three months free - does it ever happen?

Hi Marker,
I'm very sorry about this.
It looks like one of our members of staff misunderstood an internal comment raised to get your discounts sorted.
I've now added 3 months free broadband subscription which will take affect from your next billing date.