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This is crazy.

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This is crazy.

Nothings changed got worse. Get no explanation.
Told make new account ,when did not want to.
Been disabled my access....WHY?
Nothing wrong with connection.
Nobody will take effort to sort it out.
Keep getting passed to another dept, who never answer the phone,last 3 attempts they have not answered. Two of those being a hour long, still no answer.
Then when call back, I strangly and by coincidence,,at that point,say too busy, call later or tomorrow. Can't keep putting it off, and not getting it sorted out.
I have been offline 9 days now,and no closer to them getting me back online...
Or being giving info of what is happening.
Say it's an error,but won't explain what the error is. The error is You closed /stopped my account when you shouldn't have. You made big mistake...but won't be professional enough to actually address it.
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Re: This is crazy.

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