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Thinking of Leaving

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Thinking of Leaving

I just had an email from Plusnet stating my contract is almost up and my Fibre Extra package will be increasing to £40.98 per month.

I've just called customer services to see if I can get a better deal rather than switch providers. I was offered the same package as I am currently on for £31.99 per month, which is terrible! The renewal offer that pops up when I log into my account is better than that. (Although only by £1)

I did ask the advisor if there was any offer for customer loyalaty (Been with Plusnet since 2013) and was told there was no offer or deal to stay and that I am free to leave if I wish.

I said I have seen an offer with Vodafone for an identical package for £21.95 and I was looking for something to match or come close to that. He was quite rude about it and said they are giving it away at that price and there was no further offer from them for me to stay.

New cusotmers get the same package for £26.99 per month AND £75 cash back effectively making the monthly cost £22.82 per month, which is pretty close to the Vodafone deal.

To say I am dissappointed is an understatement, The service from Plusnet has been very good, with only a couple of minor hiccups along the way being resolved satisfactorily. Are they really going to let me leave that easily?

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Re: Thinking of Leaving


You could try ringing the Customer Options Team again. You will probably get a different staff member and it will definitely be a different time / day. It seems that COT members use a "matrix" system (whatever that is exactly) which seems to mean that different offers are available from different team members at different times to meet ever changing objectives.

I doubt you will get near the Vodaphone price but you may get something nearer the Plusnet new customer deal without the cashback bit.

Good luck!

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Thinking of Leaving

Hi @alexwoodage,


Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry that the advisor that you spoke to wasn't able to find a suitable renewal offer for you and for the poor experience that you had during this call.


As @jgb has mentioned, it would be worth giving our customer options team another call to see if there are any better offers available for you.

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 Emily D
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Thinking of Leaving

Hi, I've just had a very similar conversation with customer services. To stay for a further 18 months will cost me £165 more than a new customer on the same service. They obviously don't want our custom any longer. Very rude too. For me, they're losing 2 mobile accounts aswell. They have no concept of customer loyalty. I previosly spent 12 years with talk talk. Everytime the contract came up they'd offer a better deal than new customers to keep you. After all, they have no set up and no equipment to supply. I'll probably go back to them. Thier customer services may be based in the Phillipines, and a pain to deal with, but they value you as a customer and want you to stay.