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The webspace included with my account has been removed

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The webspace included with my account has been removed

I have been with Plusnet for twenty years.  My account has always had some webspace included.  Last year I renewed my broadband account for two years and before doing so, I specifically asked for confirmation that I would receive all the same features including webspace.  I do not use a lot but it is an important aspect.

Yesterday, I discovered that my webspace had been arbitrarily terminated.  I have issued a ticket but not received a reply.  So I have followed it up with a telephone call.  The agent said he would contact the technical department but it would take another 24 hours to get a response.  In the meantime, I have received a response reading :

"Dear Mr Sherman,
Kind regards,
Mohammed Suffian"

What on earth is that supposed to mean ?

The only notification about this was yesterday at 6.15 a.m. - yes in the morning - saying that the webspace had been removed.

This is not right and certainly not the way to treat a customer of long-standing who is paying for webspace in his account. I am not prepared to be treated like this.  Unless this is resolved quickly, I shall take my business elsewhere and close my account without paying for the remaining year on the grounds of breach of contract.

I do not understand Plusnet's attitude.  The old business adage is that it costs 100 times as much to recruit a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer.