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The stuck billing issue...

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The stuck billing issue...

Hello again,


I commented here 1 month ago regarding the stuck billing issue (search forum thread: "Billing issues and such") and apparently today you took 3 months of payments from my bank account.


And I'm very happy about this, as it apparently means my time in the stick billing issue is over, right?


However, I would like confirmation that this is the end of the stuck billing issue for me and that from now on I'm being billed monthly, and not quarterly.


Yes, I know I'm a pain for asking for confirmation on this, but I just want it on record that I am being billed monthly and not quarterly.


Many thanks for a prompt reply and continuance of an excellent broadband service!


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: The stuck billing issue...

Hi @YouKnowIThatGuy, thanks for getting in touch. 


If your billing has been unsuspended and you've recently received your backdated bill, I can confirm your account has had a fixed applied to it. This means your bills will now continue as normally on a month by month basis.


Let us know if you need anything else

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 Plusnet Help Team