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The end of an otherwise good relationship.

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The end of an otherwise good relationship.

Cry It is a £1.50 a month increase not a saving as you didn't charge this before. This adds total dishonesty to apalling greed.
There is no way unless you are a pathetic load of incompetents that is could cost even a quarter of that  to administer a non direct debit account.
I worked with a colleague who spent long enough trying to sort out an incorrecty taken direct debit that resulted in huge bank charges that he was given a written warning about the time spent even though it was only possible for him to deal with it in working hours. Direct debit is a no go area for us so there is only one answer to you on this matter .
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Re: The end of an otherwise good relationship.

You get much more protection paying with a direct debit than you would a debit or credit card payment