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The bill that won't die.

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The bill that won't die.

Look I get it.  I worked as a software engineer, I wrote billing systems, I know the nightmare it is to migrate data to a new billing system.  I get it.  I sympathise but you are going to need to join up your thinking, billing etc.


Your wavered 6 months of my bill and closed the account

Then you billed me for it

Then you rightly refunded me.

Then you billed me it again.

Now I'm waiting for a refund. 


Way back early this year, I got a phone call from Plus Net to apologise for not billing me or taking payments for 6 months.  Something to do with me changing products during the billing system migration.  They said that as it was their fault and that they didn't want to bill me for the whole period all at once they would wavier the bill, close my account and open me a new one so the billing system would not charge me for the 6 months.  They even gave me a better deal on the broadband and I was, of course, happy.


Then in June they actually closed the account and removed £210 from my bank account.  I was like, emmm... no.  Put it back, be nice now.  It took an hour on the phone arguing, being raised to supervisors until I told them to go and review the call logs as they refused to believe me the charges had been redacted.  Finally, I assume after reviewing the call logs they refunded the £210 and I thought, "Well that's that over with."


Then I get a lovely email in September (which I completely missed amongst the dozen other emails you send about offers and products I don't want), that told me you were going to bill me for the last three months.  Again you took close to £100 out of my account.  For an account that was closed nearly a year ago for the purpose of NOT billing me.


I've just got off the phone where it is being referred to the billing escalation team (again!).


Here is the thing.  I expect that money to be refunded again and I want my direct debit details removed from that account permanently.  If you bill me for it again I am going to reclaim the money from the Direct Debit guarantee and make a formal complaint to the same via my bank.


I understand that you have executives breathing down your neck trying to reclaim the money you lost in your botched billing migration and to be honest if you hadn't wavered the charges in the first place I wouldn't be upset, but you did and you can't take that back and choose to bill me again and again and again.   The account is closed, the fees waved, get over it.


And I think you need to remind your Northern England call centre to not have personal chats in loud voices while colleges are on the phone to customers.  I spend a good 5 minutes listening to some lads discussing their personal lives and laughing, calling each other names, bantering etc.  All very amusing but it's just not professional.  I suggest noise cancelling microphone headsets too.


While am at it... you do know that the music you play on the phone does not work, right?  It just comes across as noise, hisses and scratches because the encoding the music was done with is not compatible with the encoding used on mobile phones?  It's very, very irritating and you really should look into it.  Just try calling your own customer services from a mobile and you will see what I mean.


Still, my broadband service is awesome and the price is grand to, so your not getting rid of me as a customer that easily.



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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: The bill that won't die.

Hello @venquessa,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a summary & your thoughts on the service you've received thus far.


I've checked over your account and provided a more detailed response over a support ticket for you here.


With regards to this call you recently had when you heard background conversations, I've passed feedback along regarding this.