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Terminating Contract Early Following Price Change

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Re: Terminating Contract Early Following Price Change

Hi jordanc1230 - Sorry for the later reply. Sounds as though you got a far better deal than I did! I have basically re-contracted for the same `deal` of unlimited BB and line rental but this time for a whopping 24 months instead of 12 months and after the June 5th £1.00 price rise, I will only be saving 2p of my old pricing structure. I really should have walked away and had a re-think, although the price I am paying won`t be higher than before, I'm not sure pushing for more would have won the day. But I have nobody to blame but myself for that.


However, if anytime after June 5th my monthly price goes up again, I will have no choice but to jump ship for a cheaper deal because I feel I am paying way more than most people for ADSL + line alone and as I did with BT, stayed loyal far too long, which is why I came over to PlusNet in the first place. My direct debit email is already in for my next (new) payment on the new plan, so everything has just stayed the same. I was originally planning to go with John Lewis Broadband if PN didn`t off me a price I could afford, but in the end, I stayed, but I`m only 2p better off.


Oh, I called the options team to re-contract and only called the once. Roll_eyes