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Terminate my contract

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Terminate my contract



I've signed up to a new broadband supplier today, they say they will activate my new account with them on 1st April 20. Since your website has nowhere where I can cancel my contract, I am telling you here. 


Please terminate my contract on 1st April 2020.


Many thanks,



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Re: Terminate my contract

@Dougsey If you are out of contract with plusnet and you have just signed with a new provider then the new provider will take care of the rest . You only need to give plusnet 14 days notice if your service is moving to the likes of virgin media .

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Re: Terminate my contract

The worst thing that you could do is to terminate with Plusnet.

The procedure now is simply to sign up with your chosen provider and they will do everything including notifying the current provider. The whole transfer is now " Gaining provider led"

If you cancel with Plusnet then there could be a situation with 2 orders in place on your line and that could incur delays in completion  since multiple orders cannot be in place at any time

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Re: Terminate my contract

@Dougsey As already mentioned, when moving ISP you no longer have to contact the ISP you are leaving. When I left, just before Christmas, all I got from PN was a sorry that you are leaving letter. The ISP I was moving to did everything else.


The only thing you need to watch out for is if you use the supplied PN email address. That will terminate on the day you leave. If you want to continue to use it you need to make a call to them.

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Re: Terminate my contract

Thanks all for your comments, since posting that message, my new provider has indeed already contacted PN and they have sent me an email, sorry you're leaving etc.

Things have obviously improved since I last changed contracts!

Since I'm leaving before the end of my contract I do seem to be incurring early termination charges which is a bit of pain, but still works out cheaper for me to switch to my new provider.