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Taking over the account of a deceased relative

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Taking over the account of a deceased relative


My uncle passed away recently and, as both his next of kin and executor to his estate, I am dealing with his affairs.  He lived alone, and was a PlusNet broadband customer.  I will shortly be notifying his Bank of his passing, whereupon they will freeze his account, so no further direct debits will be permitted.  However, I would like to keep the broadband and phone functioning at his house, while I am spending time there clearing it out, etc and I am prepared to pay the associated line rental and usage costs during that period.  Since he was not technically minded, I used manage his PlusNet account on his behalf and have all his account details and credentials. 

I would like to know if it is permissible for me to simply log into his Plusnet account and change the billing details, so that  subsequent charges come out of my bank account instead of his, please?

Thanking you.


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Taking over the account of a deceased relative

Hi @odyssea4


We're really sorry for your loss. 


You would need to speak to our Customer Options team to have the details changed.


Please contact them on the details below as they will be more than happy to help: 


0800 013 2632


Opening Times:
8am - 8pm Monday to Friday  
9am - 7pm Saturday  
9am - 6pm Sunday 


Kind Regards

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Re: Taking over the account of a deceased relative

Always sad to lose a relative.

For info when my father in law died 200 miles away we all but moved in to his house for several months to deal with local solicitors etc, maintain the property and ultimately arrange a sale.

I phoned PN who could not have been more helpful and set up adsl on his BT phone line. There were some small charges but nothing to worry about to keep the info flowing.

This was in January 2010 and we got snowed in for three weeks - in Surrey.

We kept the BT account in his name and when we finally closed his account they wrote us a letter

"...... sorry to hear you are leaving us Mr J. We hope you will come back to us soon!"

Our laughter could be heard by the neighbours.