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Switching provider query

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Switching provider query

My contract with Plusnet ends on 16th September. My next bill will be August 17th to cover the period 17-08-22 to 16-09-22.


I'm looking to switch to a different provider and all of the early termination / final bill stuff makes my head spin.


If I complete a switch before 16th September (be it a day or a week before depending on timing), but after 17th August (so after I've paid my final bill at my current contracted price) will it be a seamless switch? As in no early termination charges as I've paid every month of my contract, and crucially Plusnet won't bill me on 17th September for the following month at whatever my out of contract price is.

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Re: Switching provider query



If you actually leave after you have made the last payment but before the end of your contract the Early Termination Charge is in the form of a reduction in the amount that Plusnet will rebate to your account for the days for which you have already paid. So there will be no extra to pay. Note that if you leave in the last few days then Plusnet may have already set up the DD for the next month so you will be charged. Leave your DD open after you leave so that when your contract is finally closed, which can take a few weeks, all money owing to you will be refunded.

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