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Stuck in a contract i didnt know i was entering

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Stuck in a contract i didnt know i was entering

Hi All,
this is my first post and the only way I can thing of to share my frustration, I have been a plusnet customer since the day they started up, I have never had a problem before and have found there service and customer support to be one of the best... so much so that i signed my business up to resell and have done so to over 50 customers,
.... that was the good....
now the Bad... i have recently moved home and as such wanted to take my broadband with me, i called and transferred my broadband supplied the required info and all went smoothly.... however when i moved i found that my connection speed was between 200 and 900k i called and raised a support call and my speed became slightly better, anyway i thought it doesn't matter too much as fibre was to be made available in a few weeks so i'll hold off moaning and use the 3g dongle i have in the mean time as my speed was upto 3meg ....
anyway when logging into my member centre to see if fibre was available as an upgrade option i noticed that my product was on a 24 month contract, prior to my move i was on a rolling monthly contract,
i called to find out why this was and was told that i was put on the contract to "waver" the normal £60 home move fee... now this was never explained to me at the time and i would have simply cancelled my monthly contract and re joined when at my new address if i had known...
the customer support rep told me that this would have all been explained to me at the time and i would have been sent an email explaining this in full , however when questioned why i hadn't received  the mail it transpired that  this was sent to an address that was on record that had expired 3+ years previously ,
i was promised a call back last Friday or Monday as they were going to recover the phone conversation but no one has called

i feel so conned i have no proof of what was said,and im now stuck paying for a service i can barely use for 20+ months.. 
has anyone had similar?... or have any idea of my legal options? i want to cancel the contract and just use my 3g as i get better speed i work in I.T support this is essential for me to be able to work
also reading some of the other posts a deferred house move is in itself a 12 month contract .... so where did the 24month contract come from?Huh
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Stuck in a contract i didnt know i was entering

Really sorry for the late reply re this Littlehollow.
I'm wondering if there's some confusion between contracts here, i.e between the contract for fibre and the house move. Regarding the house move contract, I personally wouldn't see any need for us to back-track and check what was said on call recordings etc as we could remove that contract if you were willing to pay the fee for the move.
If there's any issues surrounding this that are still outstanding then please just drop me a PM with the username of the account this concerns and I'll deal with it for you.
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 Adam Walker
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