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Stuck accounts and 90 day charging

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Stuck accounts and 90 day charging

I have one a the accounts that are "stuck" in Plusnet's new improved billing system. I'm approaching the end of my 12 month deal on my Unlimited Business Broadband connection, and so far I've paid a £10 connection fee and the first month's rental.

I've been told that when billing is fixed I'll only be charged for the previous 90 days rental.

As the billing system won't be fixed within the 12 month contract period, my question is will the 90 days line rental and broadband charge be at the contracted price of £20.40 per month, or at the much higher out-of-contract rate?

As I can't get FTTC and work from home I now mainly use a 4G connection. I'm happy to keep the ADSL connection as a backup while it is effectively free, but I have decided that I'll terminate my ADSL connection when it starts costing me money. The amount I'll pay for the last 90 days has a significant impact on my decision of when to cancel it.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Stuck accounts and 90 day charging

Thanks for your post, @corringham.


I'm sorry to hear that you're looking to cancel but understand that it's a backup for you and you're not really getting any value from it.


My advice would be to cancel at the end of the minimum term as I'm concerned that should the billing issue be resolved after that point it's very likely that you'd be charged at the full out of contract rate.