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Still taking payments months after account cancelled?

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Still taking payments months after account cancelled?

As above, I cancelled my service with you at the end of August and changed to a different provider (talktalk) but I've just noticed you've still been taking monthly direct debits for a service I'm not even connected to! I'm sure you're aware but you're breaking the law by charging me for a service I'm not using, so I hope you'll be able to refund me the mistaken payments in short order with minimal hassle.

It looks to me like you've taken September, October, November and December's payments of £18.49, which adds up to £73.96 that I'm owed currently. I cancelled my direct debit payment before Christmas and I've just had an email saying another payment has been attempted and I need to log in to make a payment!

The help and support section on my Plusnet shows an automated support message generated on September the 18th asking for the account to be closed, I've added a comment to this and emailed the support team and both have been ignored.

I have included a screenshot of my latest bill which hopefully shows all the details you need to look into this.

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Re: Still taking payments months after account cancelled?

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