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Still no movement or information concerning upgrades, plus locked account.

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Still no movement or information concerning upgrades, plus locked account.

I've posted before about being bounced around with claims that I can upgrade to a fibre account, and then having my account locked with a notification that a product change can not be done (I believe that's the case presently, for the fifth or so time!). Or I've been told the exchange is full, and then informed that it was once again possible, only to be informed shortly afterwards, with no explanation, that is now impossible. Etc, etc.

I'm currently dealing with horrendous internet speeds. In my last communication through the seemingly now-defunct ticket system; I was told that I was being put on a waiting list and that I would receive further information, and that it was being taken care of. This has not happened. I would just like to be kept in the loop, and get a clear picture of my options. Being in lockdown, I rely upon a decent connection. 

Thank you.

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Re: Still no movement or information concerning upgrades, plus locked account.

Thanks for your post @Vybest 

I'm sorry for the issues with getting fibre.

From what I can see the product change to fibre broadband is scheduled on your account, pending the upgrade completing with our suppliers, which was placed around about this time last year and went onto a waiting list. Due to how long it was on a waiting list, it looks like it was automatically cancelled with Openreach.

However the cancellation is still stuck in the wholesale systems since October last year so I've raised an escalation with our suppliers to cancel the order asap so we can replace. I should receive an update within the next 24 hours and I'll provide one as soon as I know more, I'm taking this on personally moving forward.

(Fibre's showing as available at the moment so fingers crossed that availability stays by the time I can replace the order)

I've raised a support ticket you can view and respond to by logging into your account then going Here.

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