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Still being billed after leaving in November

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Still being billed after leaving in November




I changed internet/landline provider last November. I am still receiving bills. There is still a live direct debit

I have spoken to numerous customer service advisors and have been assured by two different advisors the issue has been resolved.


This was first brought to your attention in January. After speaking with a member of your customer service team I was advised that the direct debit taken out in January would be refunded and anything else that I have overpaid since November would also be refunded. I was also assured that the account would be closed and there would be no more charges.

I only received the direct debit refund.

Another bill was produced for February and direct debit taken from my bank account despite being assured that this would not happen.

After speaking to 3 advisors last Friday and Saturday I was eventually informed by an advisor on Saturday that my service will be cancelled and backdated to end in November like it should have. It was also promised again that the direct debit would be refunded as well as anything else overpaid since November.

A confirmation email was received informing the service has been cancelled.


However, I am yet to receive any refund. I have logged into the online account. According to the information displayed on my account I still have a live service and a bill that is due to come out in March.


I phoned up this morning but could not get an explanation. The advisor said he would email his colleague who last dealt with the account and get back to me. Based on my experience I do not have much trust in your call centre staff and have little confidence that some one will get back to me from there.

All I want is my service to be cancelled, anything I've overpaid to be refunded and confirmation that this issue has been fully resolved and I will no longer continue to be charged for a service I have not had since November.


Can some one please get this sorted?

Thank you.



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Re: Still being billed after leaving in November,000

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Re: Still being billed after leaving in November

Hi @DermoA


Thanks for getting in touch and I am so sorry for the situation that has occurred with your account.


I do understand that this has been a very frustrating situation for you, I have had a look into the details for your account and can see that while I have been investigating you have spoken with a colleague who left you a ticket on your account. I have taken further steps to speed up the process for you moving forward and have added details of this onto the ticket here


If you have questions please feel free to get in touch through here and I can assist you further.