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Something Scary Just Happened with Plusnet

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Something Scary Just Happened with Plusnet

Ive been a plusnet user for nearly 6 years now, and have been paying by Direct Debit without problem all that time.
On the 15th April I received my usual email from plusnet saying payment will soon be taken - on or after the 20th of April.
However, just now, my internet access was blocked and the only page I could access was one from plusnet saying "Sorry to interrupt your browsing"  with the message saying we have been unable to take payment and with a button to log in and make payment.  However - the previous email says payment wont happen for another few days on the 20th - bank statements show it always comes out around the 20th of the month.
Is this just some weird plusnet glitch?  Or something more sinister?
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Re: Something Scary Just Happened with Plusnet

Unless you are happy to wait until tomorrow for it to be picked up I suggest you phone