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So disappointed with Plusnet

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So disappointed with Plusnet

I've been with PN for years and recommend them to people. Until now.
I moved house at the end of June and a house move was set up. All went well, until suddenly Plusnet claimed I'd cancelled my account and turned my internet off for some reason. It turned out that their system meant my account was "broken" by the house move and I needed to set up a new account. It got sorted, new account set up, broadband up and running but it's never been brilliant and after discussions with an electrician I decided to get a new socket put in as I thought the fault was my equipment. However I did some line tests and the speeds were very low so I rang Plusnet and spent an hour on the phone running tests etc. It turns out I also have two accounts for some reason, so one was shut down. The verdict was that the line was corroded and an engineer would be out to fix it. I received texts and "opened tickets" to this effect. However, tickets no longer exist on the Plusnet system so I couldn't do anything with them... Anyway. This morning I woke up to no broadband. I've been on the phone to Plusnet for over an hour, having to explain my situation each time to four different people. It turns out that due to a "component not attaching properly to my account" (what?) I need a new account set up and I will have no broadband for 7 days. My phone signal is poor so I rely on my WiFi for calls as well as internet and do a lot of work online so I simply can't afford to let this happen. Nobody seems to have a clue what's going on. To top it off Plusnet today took a random £45 from my account which I managed to claw back thanks to the direct debit guarantee. I'm utterly appalled by this.. If I'd shut up and not reported the fault I would still have broadband. I'm livid and so frustrated. What on earth do I do?
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: So disappointed with Plusnet



I'm really sorry to hear of the issues you have experienced and for the inconvenience this must have caused.

I'd be happy to take a look into the account for you and help in anyway I can.


To help us locate your account, please could you private message your new account username.


All the best

- Beth

  Plusnet Sheffield

 Plusnet Help Team