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Signed up - NOVEMBER 2013 still not activated

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Signed up - NOVEMBER 2013 still not activated

I have called you several times, I have left support tickets and still my services remains with my old provider.
When I called in November you said my Fibre and Phone will be moved from BT in 7-14 days - this has gone on now for 3 months! . The person who refered me had the same problem and they had to call you 5 times to get connected.
This is not on, train your staff and deliver what is promised, answer your support tickets and resolve new order issues.
No doubt my MAC key will have expired now --- might has well move to sky as they at least want my custom.
Can you please give me an idea of when the transfer will occur - this is very frustrating and doesn't show PlusNet as a very competent organisation.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Signed up - NOVEMBER 2013 still not activated

Hi batman1056,
Really sorry about the delay you've experienced. I have replied to ticket 80884716 on your account. Please respond to it at your earliest convenience so that we can bring you across as soon as possible.